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How to fix Battalion 1944 crashes and errors

Find the error or problem you’re experiencing in the list and try the possible solutions and fixes.

Battalion 1944 Launcher & Start Errors

Can’t select region in the Battalion 1944 Launcher

The region list gets updated every time you start the client. If the regions don’t show up, they couldn’t get fetched from the server.

Solution: If you are sure the Battalion servers are up and running (and don’t have an outage or are under maintenance) and you still have that problem, restarting the launcher (multiple times) usually does the trick. If that doesn’t work and you are sure that it’s no temporary connection issue, check if the launcher is getting blocked by something such as a firewall.

Game Security Violation Detected (#00000001, #0000000D, #00000006)

This error is an Easy Anti-Cheat (the anti-cheat Battalion 1944 is using) error. Even though they might have different error numbers, the reason for them is usually the same / similar: a process is interfering with game or system processes monitored by the anti-cheat. This can be antivirus software, driver software or macro tools, but also any other tool (you might not even expect).


  • Usually the way to resolve that issue is by disabling and closing all background processes you don’t need. The easiest way to get rid of most of them is to disable all the startup software. To do that, start the Task Manager, go to the tab “Startup” and disable every program by right click -> Disable. Then restart your PC. In the best case, you won’t encounter this anti-cheat error anymore. To find out which software caused the issue, you can re-enable them one by one, start the game each time and you’ll see which one is causing the issue.
  • If you still get the error and you are sure there are no more processes running which could interfere with the anti-cheat, try reinstalling it. You find the EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe, which you need to uninstall and install the anti-cheat, in your Battalion 1944 game folder. (YOUR_STEAM_INSTALLATIONPATH\steamapps\common\Battalion 1944\EasyAntiCheat)
  • If you then still get it, contact the Easy Anti-Cheat support.



Error Code 30005 (EAC) – CreateService / StartService / CreateFile / WriteFile

The EAC error code 30005 is a quite universal error that usually indicates a problem with the of the Easy Anti-Cheat service start.


  • Restart your PC. Run Steam as administrator and launch the game via Steam.
  • If it is still not working, uninstall & reinstall the Easy Anti Cheat service. You’ll find the tool for that in your Battalion 1944 folder. (YOUR_STEAM_INSTALLATIONPATH\steamapps\common\Battalion 1944\EasyAntiCheat)
  • If you get a CreateFile or WriteFile error and the mentioned file in the error message is “EasyAntiCheat.sys”, find this file in the mentioned folder and delete it by hand. The next time you start the Battalion 1944 Launcher via steam, it should create this file again und launch the game. If that isn’t happening, try step 2) again and remove & re-install EasyAntiCheat.

The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000142)

Unfortunately, the root cause for this problem can vary.

Untrusted system file

Untrusted system file is an error by Easy-Anti Cheat, the anti-cheat solution Battalion 1944 is using. The error usually tells you a specific system file, which is untrusted in the eyes of the anti-cheat. That usually is either a driver software file, from networking drivers for example, which could interfere with the system and/or game in a similar way a cheat would or a corrupted windows system file.


  • Find out what kind of file it is, for example by googling its name. If it is a driver software file, reinstall that driver software and check for newer versions. Don’t forget to restart your PC.
  • If it is a windows system file, it is usually corrupted. Run the Command Prompt as administrator (Start -> Right click Command Prompt -> “Run as administrator” ) and type “sfc /scannow”. This will scan your system files, check for their integrity and replace files if they are corrupted. Restart your PC and try it again.


This usually happens shortly after the launch, when the Easy-Anti Cheat gets closed unexpected but the game already started.

Possible Solutions:

  • Restart your PC.
  • Uninstall und install Easy-Anti Cheat by hand. You can do both steps by running the installer you can find in the EasyAntiCheat folder in Battalion 1944’s main folder. (YOUR_STEAM_INSTALLATIONPATH\steamapps\common\Battalion 1944\EasyAntiCheat)
  • Disable all startup & background processes you don’t need and which could interfere with Easy-Anti Cheat.

No Disk – There is no disk in the drive.

What sounds like an error from a decade ago, is a common error with unreal engine 4 games. Good thing: You can usually ignore it and just start the game anyway.


  • Just press continue multiple times. At some point, the game should start.

Battalion 1944 Game Errors & Crashes

Green / pink flashing, flickering screen ingame

If you are experiencing a green or pink flashing, flickering screen ingame, you’re experiencing a known bug.


  • Open the NVIDIA Control Panel, go to “Change resolution” under Display in the menu tree on the left. Scroll down to the color settings and choose “Use NVIDIA color settings”. Make sure the “Output color depth” is set to 8 bpc. Apply the settings. The green or pink screen should be gone now.

Battalion has crashed

Battalion has crashed is the default error message you see when your game crashes and you see the Crash reporter. You should then have a crashlog in your clipboard, which you can paste with CTRL + V in a text editor. You might find a more specific error in this error log then.


An error message often accompanied by two files: RenderingThread.cpp & D3D11Util.cpp and the line Unreal Engine is exiting due to D3D device being lost. ERROR HUNG.

The root cause for this problem can be different, the outcome is kind of the same: Your GPU is hung up and it takes too long for its recovery. This can be caused by the game itself, outdated GPU drivers, (unstable) GPUs and other influences.

Seeing the frequency of this problem in the Battalion 1944 community, it might be a mix of a problem with the game itself and not 100% stable GPUs.


  • Hope for the March 8th Battalion 1944 Update
  • Make sure that you’re using the latest GPU drivers
  • If it is still not gone, you can try to lower your GPU clock speeds with a tool like MSI Afterburner. Try down-clocking your GPU by 300-400 Mhz. This might sound weird to you, does the trick for many people though. If it works, you can then find the sweet spot of clock speeds by slowly decreasing the down-lock and see where the game starts to crash again. This was also a common way to fix a similar issue with Frostbite Engine / Battlefield games.
  • If it’s still not gone, you can try to increase something called the TDR delay. Windows has a feature called Timeout Detection & Recovery (TDR), which “reboots” your graphics card when it’s hung up, without the need of crashing and restarting your whole system. This happens after a certain amount of time, which is called the TDR Delay.

Lost connection to host

Either your own network connection or the server you played on has some problems. If this is a continuous problem for you and others on the same server, like your mates, don’t have the problem, your connection might experience some timeouts. Battalion 1944 introduces some connection indicators, which could indicate such things, soon.

Failed to connect to host

The server you are connecting to probably has some problems. It might run with broken settings or is running a wrong version.

Other Battalion 1944 Problems & Issues

Battalion 1944 settings reset after an update

Battalion is in its early stage and introduces new settings & commands regularly, which also means, you need new configuration files which include those commands. This is why your settings get reset. You can recover your old settings though, we have a special guide for that: How to recover your Battalion 1944 settings.


If the voice chat isn’t visible, you are probably playing on a 4:3 aspect ratio. That is a known bug and might get fixed in an upcoming update.

Match ready, allocating server

If you see this, you found a game and Battalion 1944 is starting up a fresh server for you. This can take up to 15 minutes. Don’t leave the queue in this time, especially in ranked matches, because the allocation gets canceled and everybody gets back into the queue.

Match ready, allocating server

If you see this, you found a game and Battalion 1944 is starting up a fresh server for you. This can take up to 15 minutes. Don’t leave the queue in this time, especially in ranked matches, because the allocation gets canceled and everybody gets back into the queue.

XP / Level isn’t updating

If the amount of XP or your level is not updating in the upper right of your screen, you can usually go into the armoury and back. This usually forces an update. If that doesn’t work, try restarting the game.

Rank or placement matches aren’t updating

Right now you need to restart Battalion 1944 to see the number of your placement matches or your rank getting updated.